Virtual Guidance - Explore Pingtung Village with AR


Experience the rich, cultural history of Pingtung Village through an Augmented Reality virtual guide

When Augmented Reality (AR) technology goes to Pingtung Victory Star Village, you can clearly see how amazing it is to combine technology and history in creating a unique learning experience, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the history of Pingtung Village.

Using the AR Location-Based Service (LBS) navigation to explore Pingtung Village surrounding areas, discover these different cultural relics that tell rich stories of their times, and learn about the history and stories of these places as you visit. Here, visitors can experience the surrounding their grandparents’ generations grew up in, reliving their parents’ childhood days in Pingtung Village – now a protected heritage site. You’ll need to see it to fully experience it. Let AR bring you on an adventure across time, through interactive guides and tours

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