Augmented Reality


An innovative, extensive platform offering immersive AR experiences

Combining our vast experience in advanced AR technology, with our technical know-how in branding and marketing, we have created a new and innovative way for businesses to reach out and interact with consumers. We are paving the way for businesses and consumers to be interconnected, through personalized AR experiences – specially tailored to meet businesses’ needs! Through these experiences, end consumers can feel a sense of participation, and sense of closeness with your business. This results in a higher engagement and satisfaction rate, having a positive effect on the marketing and branding. Data platform tracks consumer engagement, allowing for better understanding of consumer behaviours and budget allocation. Allow marq+ to connect you with your target consumers!

Taipei Friendly GO - AR treasure hunt game


Interactive gaming platform based on a picture book

This is a paradise for all your creative expression! A magical space, where kids are free to experience island life, with the freedom to express themselves however they like.

iLandAR is the best gift for a creative mind! Let kids’ imaginations run wild – the only thing you need are colouring pencils.