From all fields of expertise, we continue to create new and feasible experiences through continuous success stories, creating more and more successful campaigns to help grow your business. 

Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Pai, Arplanet focuses on immersive reality technology,  researching into somatosensory technology and commercial applications, continuously communicating AR innovation concepts, and commercializing AR, leading Arplanet on an upward slope, providing new and improved technology to support AR content.

Research and Development​

Carry out research and development of related underlying technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and somatosensory interaction. We actively seek out difficult and complicated issues for solutions today, and our team of programmers pursue innovative technology and system stability. Creating a seamless user experience is our ultimate goal.

Project Planning

With a unique vision, we focus on exploring the industry and needs of our customers, formulating a complete experiential marketing strategy and AR project planning, assisting various industries to introduce AR interaction and creating a new style for corporate brands. We believe that the success of our customers is our value.

Sales Development

With the end-user experience in mind, we aim to create new value for our customers, and actively serve every brand that needs AR solutions, helping each customer to break through in experiential marketing. We strongly believe that both traditional and modern products can be upgraded through AR, giving it a new experience. 

Product and Brand

We have limitless enthusiasm for immersive technology, and are professional in our product planning and incisive market analysis. We help you to create the most exciting interactive AR experience, actively promoting related industry applications with the purpose of “taking you to discover the world’s surprise” – letting everyone understand the infinite charms of AR.

Art Design

The creation of each dedicated immersive experience stems from our love of design and art. Using AR interactive design, we are breaking the traditional framework thinking, balancing beauty and business needs, using excellent aesthetic insights to create a masterpiece that fully communicates the story you intend to tell.