Indoor precision navigation system using augmented reality technology: M560099 (2018)

An indoor precision navigation system using augmented reality technology includes: a mobile device, a camera device, a screen, a wireless communication module, a GPS module, an inertial measurement unit, and an augmented reality a module and an arithmetic processor; a cloud server, and a wireless communication module for transmitting data and storing a building map, the figure includes a plurality of positioning points, some of the positioning points are set as selected landmarks; the camera device takes a film and inertial measurement The value of the unit is estimated by the arithmetic processor in the spatial position possible in space. The measurement error accumulated by the continuous motion is corrected by the selected landmark, autoregressive filter and nonlinear optimizer, and the spatial orientation is mapped to the building map. The camera device obtains the augmented virtual information from the augmented reality module and displays it on the screen for navigation.

Augmented reality image generation device by drawing method: M498921 (2015)

The present invention provides an augmented reality image generation device by means of a picture, comprising an image capture device, an image capture device, a barcode generator, a color capture device and a controller. The image capture device is used to capture a target image from the outside. The controller is connected to the image capture device, the barcode generator and the color picker, and the controller further triggers the barcode generator to obtain an augmented reality data according to the target image. Then, the controller further triggers the color picker to take out at least one target object from the target image, and recognizes the color distribution of each target object, and the controller further performs the target object and its color distribution and the corresponding stereoscopic image in the augmented reality data. Combine to provide an augmented reality image.

Multifunctional Augmented Reality System and Indexed Augmented Reality System: M446370 (2013)

This creation is a multifunctional augmented reality system and an indexed augmented reality system. The multifunctional augmented reality system comprises: a capture module, a storage device and a processing module. The capture module captures a message, compares the storage device to confirm the category of the information, and performs a corresponding processing on the processing module according to the category of the information, and the corresponding processing includes: a two-dimensional barcode processing, an amplification Reality processing, an indexed augmented reality processing, and a suitable service processing, wherein the indexed augmented reality processing processes one of the information two-dimensional barcodes and one augmented reality label to access an amplification Real-world objects and calculate their display angle and display position. With the implementation of this creation, the speed of accessing augmented reality objects can be accelerated.

Physical object trajectory identification system: M415367 (2011)

The present invention is a physical object trajectory identification system, which comprises an image capturing module, an image processing module and a display device. The image capturing module is configured to continuously capture moving images of the object, and the image processing module analyzes the moving track of the object according to the series of moving images to generate a set of continuous moving coordinates and display on the display device. Corresponding track image. With the implementation of the present invention, the user can display the movement trajectory of the object on the display device by moving the object, and then apply to various multimedia application software.