You can find out more about the services we provide from solutions and cases. You can also contact us  directly to find out more.

For convenience, it is generally recommended to use the marq+ AR platform to experience AR as long as there is a mobile phone. Other more interactive ways can also refer to the solution.

Don’t worry! We will have someone to help set up the equipment and provide technical support.

ARPLANET’s AR service is quite diverse. We will provide you with your quotation according to your needs and budget. Welcome to contact us.

We will provide data on AR interactions when closing the case, such as: number of experiences, number of identifications, number of coupons received, etc.

The advantages and disadvantages of the three are different. AR has excellent communication and convenience in terms of mobile phone experience. VR and MR are limited by the number of devices, venues and experience, but can provide different immersion, if you have a choice. For the difficulties, please contact us for your answer.