Integrated Functions

AR Business Cards


Business cards that come to life – easing information visualisation

Simply scan the business card through the marq+ app, and you can immediately view and access the company website, phone number, address, and so on, obtaining the latest, real-time information. The use of AR business cards will bring forth a better sense of visualisation for your clients, making the conveying of information more interesting and vivid!

Your official website, blogs, introduction videos, latest news and updates, phone numbers, emails, and many other information may be included in the AR business card.

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Taichung City Government - AR Pay


Using AR in mobile payment system for a fun experience

Do people still pay cash when making a purchase? It seems everyone is going cashless now. Mobile payments are simple and convenient to use – leave your wallets, cash, and loose change at home! Do people still queue up to make payments for taxes and bills? Use mobile payment, and you can pay anywhere – at home, in bed, at work – it’s easy to pay.

Arplanet launched an event with Taichung City Government to encourage the general public to pay taxes using their mobile phones. Incorporating AR for a more interactive experience, users can participate by showing photos of their AR payment experience, and stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

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