Songshan Cultural and Creative Park – Exploring Songyan with AR


A combination of AR and LBS technology for a virtual field guide – see how history and technology complement each other

The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (SSCC) is one of Taiwan’s many historical sites. Initially constructed in 1937 as a tobacco factory, it has since undergone an image revamp, and has become a beacon of Taipei’s creative and cultural industry. 

Arplanet created an interactive AR guide, allowing visitors to easily navigate their way through the entire 16 acres of SSCC. Our cute mascot – Pula, brings visitors to different landmarks in the SSCC, where visitors learn more about the particular landmarks by interacting with Pula. Be transported back in time, and see the landmarks as they were in the olden days – develop a better appreciation for the rich culture of this historic landmark.

Come explore Taipei’s favourite cultural art space using AR!

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