Taipei North Gate - AR History Lesson


Immerse yourselves in memories of the urban past with AR technology

Taiwan is a treasure island, chock-full of heritage and culture. No matter where you go, there is always a historic site, an old street corner, a “preserved” village from the olden days. It brings forward rich memories from the years that have passed, and these memories form many more stories for the future generation.

The Taipei City Wall-North Gate is built to encircle the landmarks located within, located in the middle of Taipei, and has a strong significance to many of Taipei’s occupants.

Visitors simply need to download the marq+ app on their mobile phones, and navigate through the historic site with ease. See the juxtaposition of ancient history and modern technology with AR! Find ancient maps, virtual tour guidance, and surprises along the way.

 It is so simple to go for an AR outdoors history lesson – let marq+ bring you on an adventure!

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