2019 Future Commerce Exhibition - Immersive Reality


Arplanet showcase our wide range of integrated immersive reality solutions

Immersive reality technology – let brands tell their own stories!

Immersive reality – the umbrella term encompassing Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) is becoming increasingly incorporated in how businesses function today.  

Arplanet debuts its innovative AR platform – marq+ during the Future Commerce Exhibition. This platform connects three core models of AR integration: service model introduction, freedom of AR interaction, and brands’ freedom in storytelling, into a compact and modern integrated AR platform.

Through incorporating audio with visual elements in AR, users get the full immersive experience, and a full grasp of the brand story. During this Future Commerce Exhibition, users are immersed into the world of impressionist paintings, listening to artists such as Van Gogh and Gauguin recount the story behind these iconic artworks. Through experiencing historical events using immersive reality technology, people are able to relate and understand more about these events that happened.

We believe that AR alone, is unable to satisfy the demands of consumers. Consumers are demanding more in terms of interactivity, expression, and innovation. Hence the integrated platform gives access to all these features, all in one convenient app. Using AR to tell the brand’s story, share product information and reviews, facilitate interaction between brands and the audience, makes brands more memorable in the eyes of end consumers. This triggers a positive association of the brand and its products, and motivates engagement and purchases.

These AR technologies are widely versatile, and can be used in various different industries such as MICE, education, manufacturing, tourism, medical, finance, retail, HORECA etc.

MR Game – Dragons are attacking our world! Rally your friends to defeat these dragons!

Through MR glasses, players see a giant dragon appear in the world before their eyes. Using the controllers, players have to avoid the dragon’s flames, while working with their teammates – other players immersed in the same world – in attacking, and ultimately defeating the dragon.

MR brings the virtual and the real world together so seamlessly, immersing players into a world where they cannot tell what is virtual and what is real. Let your imagination run wild!

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