Immersive Marketing

In this digital era, the luxury of “experience” is what people are buying into. Brands use products to create an experience, tell a story – stimulating desire and camaraderie through an immersive marketing experience. AR proves to be one of the most efficient ways of connecting brands and consumers, creating a memorable experience through interactive technologies.

Cost Reduction

AR is widely used in industries such as F&B, retail, real estate, transport, education, and so on, to demonstrate information that is not seen by the naked eye. This reduces the need for physical demonstration of products, which reduces cost of goods. It also reduces the cost of storage and transportation, so consumers can enjoy learning about the products without any limitation of knowledge, all at the convenience of using a mobile phone.

Efficiently Convey Messages

AR is versatile and can be incorporated in various different industries, through visual and interactive platforms that allow the brand story and values to be easily conveyed to end consumers. As opposed to reaching consumers through mass messaging and other forms of traditional marketing, which may not be the most efficient way of triggering an emotional engagement.

"Guided" Shopping

During this new digital era, the whole concept of retail has undergone a massive shift. Under this diversified business model, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, AR and VR, need to be factored in while considering the consumer buying behaviour. This element of interactivity is essential in prompting consumers to engage with the product and brand, and encourages consumers to share their reviews, be it online or offline.

Our mission is to create dynamic industry solutions using immersive technology.

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